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A Lasting gift to Northern Ireland charities

Will to Give is a group of our most cherished Northern Ireland charities who have come together to promote charitable gifts in wills.

It is fair to say that the people of Northern Ireland are extremely generous in showing their support for good causes and do so in many ways. It comes as a surprise therefore that only 3% of the people in Northern Ireland who make a will, leave a gift to charity. Will to Give are working to increase the number of gifts made to charity in this way.

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Leaving a gift in your will is essentially the last and perhaps most meaningful donation you will give to charity in your lifetime.  When fundraisers talk about the donor journey, leaving a legacy is at the top of the pyramid and one that we aspire to.

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Writing a Will

It really doesn’t take long to make a will. Just arrange to see your solicitor, let them know the things you own and who you would like to leave them to. You also need to think about who you’d like to act as your executors (these are the people who will make sure your wishes are carried out).

In your will you can also do important things like include specific funeral arrangements and appoint legal guardians for your children. If you fail to make a will the law will decide how your estate will be distributed and a large amount could be lost in Inheritance Tax.

To ensure your will is valid it should be prepared by a solicitor.  Do-It-Yourself wills may save a little on fees, but are often invalid or at best unclear and this can cause problems for your loved ones later.

Leaving a gift to charity

It is easy to leave a gift in your will to charity. Many people who give to charity throughout their lives also choose to make a gift to their chosen charities in their will. For some, a gift in their will may be the largest donation they ever give to charity. A gift, whether small or large, always makes a big difference to the charity concerned.

The fact that no Inheritance Tax is payable on gifts to charities made during your lifetime or through your will means your donation can have much more impact.

You can give:

  • the remainder of your estate after your other wishes have been fulfilled
  • a proportion or percentage of what you own
  • a specific amount of money, large or small
  •  property or possessions that would be valuable to your chosen charity

Will to Give is a consortium of local charities that you may wish to consider for a gift or you can make a donation to any registered charity.  It is often useful to inform the charity or charities you intend to leave a gift to, so that they can keep you updated about the work they are carrying out.

Will to Give working with NICVA

NICVA, the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action represents and supports voluntary and community organisations.  A NICVA representative acts as an advisor at monthly Will to Give meetings and helps promote the work of the group.

Find a local Solicitor

If you need information on finding or choosing a solicitor to make or amend your will, contact the Law Society of Northern Ireland by phone on 028 9023 1614 or visit

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